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Product Discovery Small

5 - 10 days

Do you have a product or feature idea but struggle to put it down on paper in a structured way?

Together, we make it happen. After our intensive Sessions, you’ll be ready to take the next steps towards your perfect product.

What we deliver

Product Discovery Small

4+ weeks

Do you need a really refined product roadmap based on real customer needs?

The Product Discovery L Package is ideal for anyone looking for a swift kickoff to their product or feature development adventure. We’ll conduct a thorough examination of your vision and collaborate directly with potential users to pinpoint your ideal product-market fit. Following this, you’ll be fully equipped with all the know-how and insights to start developing your product or feature.

What we deliver

Product Audit Small

5 - 10 days

Are you unhappy with how your product looks & feels, received some negative feedback on your user journey, or just want to get an expert’s opinion on the current state of your product’s user experience? 

We´re here to assist! Our Product Audit S is perfect for those seeking quick, uncomplicated, and directly actionable state- of-the-art product feedback.

What we deliver

Product Audit Large

2 - 4 weeks

Do you really want to know what users think of your product?

Our Product Audit L Package is designed for those seeking comprehensive, in-depth analysis and actionable insights. This package goes beyond the basics with actual user testing to give you a clearer picture of your product’s goods and bads.

What we deliver

Make Sexy Fast

2 - 5 days

Do you have an important deadline with your product but are not quite satisfied with it yet?

For example, an investor pitch, the launch of the first test phase, or even the actual product launch? We make your product sexy fast; we mainly look at your general design language and try to use proven tricks to take your product’s appearance from zero (?) to hero.

What we deliver

Gen-AI Workshop

1/2 days

Do you need to get up to speed on Gen-AI and how it can revolutionize your workflow?

Whether for you or your team, our half-day workshop is designed to demystify Gen-AI, covering everything from the basics to practical tips and tricks for leveraging common Gen- AI tools like ChatGPT. We’ll also provide a glimpse into the future of Gen-AI, helping you understand the trajectory of this transformative technology.

What we deliver

No product yet? Let’s turn your dream into reality!

From initial Product Strategy to final Software Development, we cover every step of your Journey.

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